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Maxon Pugovsky

Game producer and project manager with 10+ years of experience. Shipped 2 F2P mobile games at Gameloft: Band of Badasses and BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run. Managed full production cycle of mobile games from idea pitching, through prototyping, development, localization and QA tests to the launch campaign. Was responsible for online marketing, community management and events for tech influencers at Microsoft. Worked as digital lead in PR agency PRP and media company Agora. Certified ScrumMaster.

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(written in October 2016)

In the end of 2014 I started to live unconventional life and follow my dreams. I sold everything in native Ukraine and disembarked on epic journey to the South East Asia together with beloved woman. We gave birth to our son on Bali in 2015. We lived in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and currently we are exploring Vietnam. We move slowly staying for up to 6 months in one place, enjoying and learning local culture, and I occasionally get tattoos in favorite cities. We work remotely with clients in Ukraine and other countries. That what I call to break status quo, to abandon the usual course of things. And during our travel I realised that I want to join the games industry.

I first played digital games in pre-school age in the end of 1980-s. My cousin handcrafted clone of ZX Spectrum system at home. I was thrilled playing games with CGA graphics, which were loading for 5 minutes form audio cassettes. With a joystick in my naughty child hands I was shouting: “Oh, where am I? Where am I heading?!” That was love from the first sight. I’ve earned my first money translating games from English into Russian but never thought about a career in the games industry, because it was considered “unserious” at that time. So I followed the career path of a journalist covering tech, and later moved to digital marketing and community management. I’ve gained lot of diverse experience which I can introduce to the games industry…


(written in February 2018)

After 8 months of job search, 4 online courses on game development, 100+ applications, a couple of dozens of interviews, and 3 job offers, I finally broke into game industry! In January 2017 I started to work as Video Game Producer at Gameloft’s Saigon-2 studio (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam). I was one of the first employees in a new division focused on creation of short casual and hyper casual mobile games. Together with a team of highly talented colleagues we released casual runners Band of Badasses and BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run in 2017. The third title under my command as producer is currently in soft launch. 


Maxon.com.ua – my blog in Russian (and sometimes in Ukrainian) about travel, life lessons, technology and other stuff.
Medium.com/@maxon – some of my writings in English about people met in travels.

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