Map for Heroes of Might & Magic 2

Ukraine Map for Heroes 2

Once upon a time I had built an XL map for HOMM2 together with my sister Alexandra. She draw the continent in a shape of our native Ukraine and I placed cities, artefacts, monsters, landscape, and other objects on it. The map features custom rumours and riddles, and signs provide tips. The map was available for download form and was playtested by the community. The original description:

The battle for Ukraine (real map) has begun! Good luck! Read signs and rumors. The starting places of Russia and Romania (Red and Purple) are islands and not so comfortable as others. Some of the signs just name places, but some give useful information.

To play the map you need Heroes of Might & Magic 2 with Price of Loyalty expansion. You can buy it at (usual price $9.99).
And with Porting Kit you can even run it on Mac.

Download Map