Super Sparty Bros.

Wait for the web player to load (near 8 Mb). Click on it to play. Control the character with keyboard arrows, press space to jump.

2D platformer where you play as Sparty.
Free souls of Spartan heroes. Touch the ghost to open the gate and get the rose to proceed to the next level. Collect coins and stun enemies jumping on them.
Built with Unity during Game Development for Modern Platforms course by Michigan State University at Coursera.
Based on work by Professor Brian Winn and Greg Kozma.

Special thanks

Sam Shendyapin, James Jackson and Md. Tashfiqul Bari for help with the scripts.
Tom Marsland for catching a nasty bug.


Game and level design – Maxon Pugovsky
Most of the assets and scripts – Michigan State University
Ghost icon – Crateboy, CC 4.0.
Ghost sound –
Zeus statue image – Shadow-of-Neo
Pixeled font – OmegaPC777

Download for Mac Download for Windows